Watercolors By Deborah Ann Dawson
Natural Impressions

Watercolors by Deborah Ann Dawson


Welcome to my website, my art is in a constant

state of change but the subjects are an external expression

and like the wind, the seasons and the years

my progress is process based on cycles.

I am breathing in the smell of ceders,

the negative ions of the Illinois,

Smith and Rogue Rivers, only to exhale the beauty

of this world with each brushstroke and color.

This has been my vocation for 30 years.

I hope  you enjoy looking at my work ( or play ) Art is a very necessary part of of our existence as humans and it has been a healing and invigorating  part of my life. I hope that comes across as you go through my galleries.

I have started using the term organic design when describing some of my larger more complicated works. The inspiration is from the organic world around me, the forest, rocks, plants etc...I take the bits and pieces that capture my attention and organize them into a painting that pleases me.

My painting time is intuitive and meditative.




Please remember that my artwork is copyrighted and that ethics and honor must be held in high regard. If you wish to use a piece for a desk top, please ask and be sure to give credit. Ultimately I am blessed if you are that drawn to a painting. But asking is the right thing to do. Blessed Be